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Group Facilitation: Welcome

YOU, ME, and WE

In every relationship there are three entities: you, me, and we.

There is both togetherness and separateness, and the health of the relationship requires the maintenance of that balance be made with care, compassion, respect, authenticity, and responsibility.

Whether you are partners, siblings, friends, polycule members, chosen family, or collaborators, you know something is out of balance when any of the following occur:

In session, I work to provide and help you learn how to create a safe container for conscious dialogue that fosters connection, understanding, repair, respect, intimacy, and creativity.

  • Expressions of hurt and upset easily escalate into a fight

  • There are expectations that the other should know what one wants (and give it to them) without asking for it

  • Resentment persists long after the upsetting interaction

  • Someone feels chronically unheard and misunderstood

  • Negotiations are handled like a competition

  • Bids for connection go unnoticed, ignored, or rejected

  • Boundaries are not respected, seen as threatening, or are unclear

  • Expressions of gratitude and appreciation are rare

  • Hurts and upsets are swept under the rug in order to maintain peace

"Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person, they are almost indistinguishable."
- David Augsburger


Teri is our perfect fit for couple’s therapy!  We never thought we would want or need to explore couples therapy, but it turned out to be necessary to our success as a couple.  After searching and being skeptical, nervous and honestly scared about the entire process we are truly blessed that Terri was referred to us. 


Teri is just amazing! She is very down to earth and easy to talk to.  She has a way of bringing the issues to light in a very sensitive, calm and human approach and that really makes it easy to be vulnerable and honest with each other and ourselves.


She has provided us with tools to use to work towards a healthy relationship and has shown us how we can help one another provide a safe place to share our thoughts, wants, needs and feelings.


If any of my friends or family were seeking guidance or help in their lives or relationships, I would absolutely recommend Teri, because I know they would be in good hands with her.

— T & Y

Working with Teri as a couple has helped us find our way back to each other, when kids, work stress and life had caused us to get stuck in hurtful patterns.


We came in knowing that we loved each other deeply but had difficulty truly listening to one another, supporting, collaborating and being able to have those difficult conversations without the other person getting hurt or defensive.


Right away Teri made a safe environment and space where we could both be heard. She guided us towards practices and rituals that brought support into our everyday relationship, and held space for some of the harder conversations we needed to work through. We instantly felt closer as we started on this path together and now after working with Teri for over 6 months we have grown so much.


We have rooted down in our relationship, we feel our love for one another with clarity and intensity, our trust in each other has deepened and we recently re-proposed to one another and are planning a vow renewal to celebrate our love!

—  Michelle & Jonathan


For the record, Teri is not a licensed mental health clinician, and her services are not a substitute for medical care.  Learn more about her credentials and scope of practice here.

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