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Here are the themes and focuses that I'm most passionate about and have sought specialized training in to support my approaches.

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Expressive therapies, like drama, art, movement, music, and more, brings the whole self—mind, heart, body, and spirit—into the dialogue, drawing upon deeper wisdom and insight than the cognitive mind has alone. 


By bypassing the critical, logical mind and utilizing the power of imagination, we can elicit, embody, practice, and make-real new possibilities for relating to ourself and to one another.

Additionally, methods like role play and dramatic ritual generates more lasting change by creating new neural pathways and muscle memory. It can also be a whole lot of fun!



I help people transform their beliefs about themselves and others from limiting to liberating, their story from separate to connected, and their experience from unworthy to lovable.

I've been on the journey of developing experiential therapeutic approaches, critical consciousness, and community organizing skills for over a decade.


In 2017, I graduated with an MA in Drama Therapy and am on my way to becoming a Registered Drama Therapist. I live in a co-housing community in Lawrence, Kansas with my partner, toddler, dog, and cat.


Because personal liberation catalyzes cultural revolatuion. When individuals are able to relate to themselves, one another, and the world from a core of love, respect, and gratitude, we will collectively create social, economic, and political systems that reflect our values for the well-being of all life.

My framework is rooted in liberation psychologies, which locates psychological work within a paradigm of interdependence, recognizing that culture and psyche co-create each other; giving priority to what or who has become marginalized in psyche and society; and nurturing longings for just and peaceful communities as acts of faith in the future.

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