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Practice Circle: Welcome

Are you longing to be radically authentic in your intentional community and relationships?

The Nonviolent (or Conscious) Communication Practice Circle will help you not only learn, but practice and integrate the deep listening and speaking skills you need to more confidently and fully show up for yourself and your community.

You know how important communication skills are for developing the trust, intimacy, and collaboration you long for in relationship, but may be wondering...


How do I actually utilize conscious, compassionate communication skills when I need it the most?


How do I stay connected and committed to myself while also being considerate and curious about the other, without slipping into people-pleasing or controlling strategies?


How do I find both supportive validation and constructive feedback to help foster self-acceptance and hold myself accountable to my values and growth?

You absolutely can create more authentic, fulfilling, and cooperative relationships in your community that can effectively embrace differences, navigate conflict, repair ruptures, and embody humanitarian values.

Unfortunately, books & workshops aren't enough.

It's incredible (and a bit overwhelming) how many self-help books, IG accounts, online courses, and workshops there are to help you learn the concepts and how-to of conscious, compassionate, nonviolent communication.

But information isn't enough for behavioral change.

The you that reads the books and takes the workshops is not the you who shows up in when the rubber hits the road or the shit hits the fan.


This is why no matter how much you intellectually know about what you should/could/would say or do in those moments, you don't make substantial shifts in your lived actions.

Only consistent, supported, and embodied practice will lay and clear new internal pathways for you to walk in the real-time moments you are asking for what you want, responding to a judgment, sharing a vulnerability, repairing a harm, or negotiating a compromise.

I'm here to guide you.

Hey, my name is Teri, and I've been in these shoes.


I've read books, took workshops, and attended intensives that would give me encouraging boosts of confidence and new skills to practice, but inevitably I’d always find myself forgetting the skills, repeating my patterns, and feeling lost with no one consistent to turn to as I traversed this path.


Around 2010, I found an 8-week practice circle where instead of getting deep into information and conceptualization, we practiced.


We role played our inner and outer relationship interactions to practice—in a safe, low-risk "real time"—the conscious listening, speaking, and relating skills we were longing to embody.


I made more progress in those eight weeks than nearly all of the workshops I had attended combined!


But really, eight weeks wasn't enough to change my patterns or build new habits. I needed ongoing, reliable, consistent support to help lift me up when I was discouraged, find a way forward when I was confused, celebrate and reinforce my success when I was proud, and keep me accountable when I was distracted.

Because embodiment and role play was so transformative for me, I completed a Masters in Drama Therapy in 2018 alongside my continued passionate explorations of the social-emotional dynamics and skills necessary for cultivating more connected, cooperative, and intentional relationships and communities.


Through this practice group I found the permission I needed all along to speak my needs in the moment of needing them. Early in my group participation I was able to express my needs in a difficult situation in my personal life and I was heard and my needs were honored. It felt unnatural and scary to do so, but with a script and the role playing practice I had the tools and confidence to do it. It was magic!


A monthly membership peer-support community with expert-guidance to help you...

  • Learn conscious communication frameworks and strategies

  • Practice applying the skills to your specific situations and relationships

  • Give and receive supportive reflections to deepen self-awareness and understanding

  • Receive encouragement to hold yourself accountable to your values and growth





Held on the first Wednesday of the month at 6 PM EST to hone in and expand your skill repertoire, these interactive Zoom workshops include downloadable handouts and will be recorded and available all month to review.


Held on the second through fourth Wednesday of the month at 6 PM EST, these small-group, interactive Zoom video calls are where we apply and practice conscious communication skills to your specific situations and relationships.


Be prompted to set and share weekly practice intentions, reflect on how your practice is going, and celebrate progress. Make a Support Request for empathy and/or suggestions for how to respond to a situation in between calls.


Find a buddy in the circle that you can practice giving and receive deep listening and emotional support with outside of our group sessions. This connection may be one of the most valuable things you receive here!

PRIVATE ONLINE PLATFORM (not another FB group)

Exclusive access to a private group hub on Mighty Networks, a leading community platform free from social media distractions. Find everything related to our circle in one convenient spot on your browser or mobile device.


Have access to the growing library of articles, videos, and resources from my favorite conscious communication teachers, curated to supplement the monthly theme and respond to what's coming up in the group.

plus these bonuses


On-demand access to the video recording of Teri's introductory workshop with the Foundation for Intentional Community. Includes a focus on the pitfalls and shortcoming of NVC and how to mitigate them. Tons of juicy questions asked and answered here!


Get the most out of your practice investment by utilizing an insightful self-assessment matrix of the dozens of conscious communication skills that will help your intentional relationships thrive. This tool will help you gain self-awareness, set goals, track progress, and de-mystify the process & skill set.

just $90 / month

(over $250 value)

For First 10 Members

Dive in for just one month of focused support or stay month after month for ongoing, deepening integration. 



My biggest challenge before entering the group was my ability to communicate — communicating my feelings, communicating in conflict, communicating in a way to connect.


I have always considered myself an empathetic person. Through this practice group I found I lacked empathy in communication. This lack of empathy in communication has been a road block for me in my relationships. I have found large breakthroughs in my relationships just from using empathy in my communication.


Teri creates an environment that opens up the space to connect in the way you want to. You can choose to share or not and there is not a pressure in how much progress you have made. The work pretty much speaks for its self. I loved this group. I miss everyone, to be honest.

rebecca lyddon image.jpeg


I joined this group because I was supporting others but longed for support for myself. What I found, in addition to the community support, is that I can now effectively support myself through self-connection and empathy.


Teri's ability to hold space as the leader, while also inviting in our honest feedback and participation, made it so the group had a great balance of structure, fluidity, and collaboration.


It’s incredible how seemingly simple tools like empathy & clear communication can transform your most cherished relationships. If you’re struggling with communicating in any relationship, you will gain soooo much insight & empowerment from this group. Not to mention the community support!

I joined this group looking for a communal support network. Once I joined I realized how much I also wanted practices for self-empathy and understanding the different support I can give to others and myself. All the tools and practices were really valuable for me. I am happily surprised with the amount of clarity and confidence I feel in my purposes and types of connecting with myself and others.


Teri created a warm, inviting, safe, and authentic space for us to practice in. The role plays gave me a safe space for figuring out how to handle situations with empathy and dignity. I feel like I have gained a lot more clarity around my role in conflict, and I have learned new tools for better and more authentic conflict resolution in the future. I also learned so much from the other members!


Join us to learn, practice, & integrate foundational conscious communication skills for more authentic, cooperative, & fulfilling relationships.

  • Make Empowered Requests

  • Set Life-Serving Boundaries

  • Validate Without Enabling

  • Center in Self-Connection

  • Identify Needs & Preferences

  • Repair After Ruptures

  • Navigate Conflict with Connection

  • Recover from Reactivity

  • ... and more!

  • How much of a time commitment is this?
    That totally depends upon how much you want to engage. The first week of the month has a 2-hour workshop, followed by three 1-hour calls in the remaining weeks. If you went to all of those live events (which isn't required) and partipated in some light interaction in the online group, you'd average 1-2 hours/week. If you actively engage with an empathy buddy and give/receive support requests within the group, you may average 2-3 hours/week.
  • I've already taken Nonviolent Communication workshops. How is this different?
    Awesome, that means you already have some foundation! This is different because the focus isn't on learning information, but rather on practicing and integrating the skills with your actual lived experiences (rather than just made-up role plays and exercises, which are the norm in most workshops and practice groups.)
  • What time are the live calls?
    All the live calls are on Wednesdays at 6 PM EST / 3 PM PST. The first week of the month has a 2-hour workshop and the subsequent three weeks are 1-hour coaching calls. In the case of a 5-Wednesday month, we'll take the fifth week off.
  • I can't make the live call times. Will they be recorded?
    The didactic componant of the monthly workshop will be recorded, but the group coaching calls will not due to the intimate and potential vulnerable nature of them.
  • How fast will I make progress and see results?
    That totally depends upon how engaged and active you are in the practice opportunities available within the group and throughout your life. The more attention you put on it, the more progress you'll make and results your experience.
  • How do I know this will work for me?
    I've designed this group to include many learning styles — visual, aural, physical, verbal, social, and solitary learners will find support here. The combination of didactic and experiential as well as asychronistic and live interaction makes a holistic learning container.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    There are no refunds, but you can cancel your subscription at any time (no long-term commitment necessary.)

For the record, Teri is not a licensed mental health clinician, and her services are not a substitute for medical care.  Learn more about her credentials and scope of practice here.

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