Are you committed to harnessing the healing power of Intentional Community for personal & collective transformation?

Inner + Outer Relationship Work

for Nurturing a Cooperative & Regenerative Culture of Peace

What do ecovillages, cohousing, communes, housing cooperatives, and collectives have in common?

They all require us to rise to a radically new way of relating to ourselves and one another.

Connection. Belonging. Contribution. Purpose.

We seek and cultivate Intentional Community in order to find a level of connection, support, belonging, contribution, and fulfillment that is missing from the neocolonial individualistic culture spreading across the globe.

What we come to realize is that in order to create the authentic, conscious, cooperative relationships we long for, we must rise to a radical level of self-knowledge, self-compassion, and self-responsibility.



But sometimes it's easier said than done.

How do I stay open and vulnerable in the face of hurting hearts lashing out or shutting down?

How do I stay connected with myself while I’m feeling flooded with uncomfortable emotions?

How do I unlearn the internalized oppression or supremacy that robs me of my full humanity?

How do I rise above blame and shame while in the trenches of difficult conflict?

How do I let go of my pre-conceived judgements and let open-hearted curiosity lead the way?

How can I feel secure and worthy enough to truly ask for what I want and accept generous support?



It's my life's calling to support the inner & outer healing work of folx engaged in or longing for Intentional Community as a vehicle for cultural transformation.

Choosing to show up for and invest in a committed web of close relationships offers a profound crucible for our personal and collective healing.


It provides us the opportunity to reckon with the shadows, wounds, and challenges we're able to (mostly) avoid in an isolated life.

It takes a radical level of presence, empathy, generosity, and vulnerability to liberate our hearts from the illusion of separation that perpetuates our collective loneliness, greed, shame, and violence.

Thankfully, our interconnection is innate and our personal and collective healing is in our hands!

I've been living, learning, and healing in Intentional Community since 2008, gathering inner and outer resources to help propel the journey for my self and communities along the way.

I am honored to offer a helping hand and warm shoulder to those on this healing path of inner and outer liberation.


Ready to take your relational work in, for, and with Intentional Community to the next level?

Teri is a wise being with great emotional intelligence, insight, integrity, and passion. She is perceptive, kind, and authentic in her relational skills and expression in the world. Teri is dedicated to seeing and encouraging herself and others toward wholeness, health, joy, and integration. Her creativity and sensitivity inspire and motivate people to engage, open, learn, and grow.

Sára R.


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