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It's time we show up with radical authenticity, vulnerability, and compassion.

Individuals, couples, polycules, chosen family, community,
and the many more of you who strive for a more radical kind of love, respect, authenticity, accountability, and commitment within your relationships — I see you!

I invite you to step more fully into your radical heart and reclaim the essential skills for the conscious, compassionate, cooperative relationships you long for.

Orange leaf held up by hand.

Relationship Therapy

Explore and develop more conscious relating and collaborative communication.

Three people embracing on a bench.

Conflict Mediation

Resolve acute conflicts in a way that helps preserve and repair the relationship.

Hands connected to form a star shape.

Group Facilitation

Shift your community into a more cooperative and compassionate culture.

Circle of hands with palms facing up in greyscale.

NVC Practice Circle

Practice and integrate conscious communication in an intimate membership community.

Colorful stones in a small teal bowl.

Online Courses

Learn foundational communication skills to impact your relationships.

Closeup of a sunflower bloom with bumble bees.


Spark and deepen your understanding with live workshops and events.



Seems to me that most of us (myself included) weren't taught how to create healthy, fulfilling relationships.


Quite the opposite, really.


Mainstream white culture has taught us to polarize our differences, compete for our wants, avoid constructive conflict, hide our vulnerability, and ultimately dispose of both our human and other-than-human relationships.

Layer on top of all that collective trauma whatever personal trauma our unique life has accumulated, and we have a recipe for some big interpersonal hardship.


No wonder so many of us feel lonely, frustrated, resentful, confused, anxious, and burnt out in our lives and relationships.


We need connection, closeness, honesty, acknowledgment, compassion, trust, and support.

We need each other.

Thankfully, it's never too late to unlearn the unconscious patterns of relating that keeps us and our relationships from thriving.

I invite you to step more fully into your radical heart and reclaim the essential skills for conscious, compassionate, and cooperative relationships and community.

The more beautiful world our hearts long for needs it!


Teri is a wise being with great emotional intelligence, insight, integrity, and passion. She is perceptive, kind, and authentic in her relational skills and expression in the world. Teri is dedicated to seeing and encouraging herself and others toward wholeness, health, joy, and integration. Her creativity and sensitivity inspire and motivate people to engage, open, learn, and grow.

Sára R.


I'd love to hear from you! Send me a message with this form, by email, or by giving me a call (no office drop-ins, please.)

512 E. 9th Street, Suite B

Lawrence, KS 66044

teri (at) radical-hearts (dot) com


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