How to Deepen Your Relationships with Heartfelt Appreciations

Expressing gratitude and appreciation is a wonderful gift we can give to those who contribute to and enrich our lives.

Too often, though, our simple expressions don't actually communicate much, other than we appreciate something.

"Thank you!"

"Wow, you're great."

"That was awesome!"

Sometimes this feels complete, but what about when you have something really meaningful to share? Maybe they really made a difference for you. Or you really want them to feel the love of your gratitude.

What Did They Do?

The first component of a heartfelt appreciation is letting them know what exactly they did that you appreciate.

For example, "Thank you for speaking up for me at the dinner party." Of course, you can make this more casual, like "Thanks for your help back there," so long as they know what you're referring to.

Naming the action gives them clarity in what went well.

The more specific, the better. For instance, this example could be more specific: "Thank you for interrupting their questions with a thoughtful call for compassion toward me."

A quick "thank you" is short and sweet, but is conclusive. Letting yourself finish the sentence with what it is that you are thanking them for opens up space for more connection.

Additionally, appreciations don't need to be limited to only what someone does directly for you. If someone does anything that has impacted you positively, then a heartfelt appreciation is a wonderful gift in return.

How Did it Impact You?

If you want to express your gratitude with more connection and meaning, share how the action impacted you.

How did you feel before, during, or after the action? What needs of yours were unmet before or got met during or after?

To add to the example, "Thank you for interrupting their questions with a thoughtful call for compassion toward me... I felt overwhelmed by their relentless inquiry and was relieved to have some support and space."

Sharing how their actions impacted