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Here's an overview of the various ways you're invited to work with me one on one, with a significant other, in community, or (coming soon) as an organization.

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Focused attention and privacy gives you the opportunity to explore the depths and edges of your internal landscape and relational map.


Together we'll strategically and organically craft a plan to help you reach your therapeutic goals, whether that's cultivating relationship and communication skills, reparenting your inner children (yes, there are many!), resolving inter- or intra-personal conflict, unlearning oppressive power-over frameworks, or moving through existential grief and into empowerment.


Couples (monogamous, polyamorous, straight, queer), best friends, co-workers, housemates... your relationship is significant and the health of it matters!

For those wanting to resolve an interpersonal conflict, I offer Relationship-Centered Mediation. This process is rooted in Nonviolent Communication and facilitates connection, understanding, and collaborative resolution.

For those wanting to deepen their emotional intimacy, I offer Expressive Therapy to support unearthing relational patterns and practicing new ways of being together.


Nothing is quite as transformative as working in a group of fellow seekers.


Groups quickly become communities that affirm that you are not alone, witness you as you are and are becoming, and help rewrite your relational map for greater belonging and security.

I currently offer a seasonal Nonviolent Communication skill-building and support group, as well as regular one-time workshops and drop-ins.

About : Features


My results with Teri were pretty dramatic, to say the least. I went to her in pretty rough shape; frayed at the seams from years in a deep, crippling despair.


Within 2 sessions I was feeling immense relief, something years of trying other methods failed to achieve. Now it has been about 7 months of sessions and an empathy workshop with Teri, and I have grown immensely with the self-confidence to start practicing what she has taught me at work and with my family.


Perhaps I am an extreme case of efficacy, but it should be understood that Teri is very good at what she does and if you think her approach might work for you, it probably will.


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