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Work With Me: Welcome




Those of us who are interested in or choose to be in Intentional Community recognize that being in a community of committed, nurturing relationships is the most wholesome way we can meet our needs for connection, contribution, belonging, intimacy, and support.

However, we also know that it isn't as easy as it sounds...

Conflict erupts and escalates when we aren't able to effectively communicate and collaborate to meet our needs and shared values.

Untended relational tensions and injuries slowly weaken, or suddenly tear, the social fabric of trust that holds relationships and community together.

Oppressive power dynamics inherited from centuries of white colonial patriarchy undermine the cooperative, liberatory culture of peace we long for.


To cultivate the cooperative culture needed to create and sustain peaceful, just, and fulfilling Intentional Communities, we must work to mature and liberate our conscious, authentic, adult selves.

Self-reflect on your choices and experience with honesty and compassion.

Identify your own sensations, feelings, thoughts, and needs while remaining centered.

Communicate and collaborate with others without blame, demands, or self-abandonment.

Navigate conflict and difference with respect, curiosity, empathy, and integrity.

Receive feedback and be held accountable without doubting your inherent goodness.

Express yourself authentically while considering the needs of others and risking conflict.

Accept support and nourishment from others who respond to you with care.

Experience deep emotional intimacy with another without of abandonment or enmeshment.

Make conscious, healthy boundaries that serve your needs for safety and respect.

With perspective, practice, persistence, patience, and presence, you can shift your outdated, conditioned habits into intentional strategies for fulfillment and liberation.


The belief that we must and can do it all ourselves is the great myth of Western individualistic culture.

I invite you to reach out to me if...

  • You are seeking a safe relationship for your whole self — including the disjointed, scary, shameful, and hidden parts — to be seen and heard.

  • You want guidance in discerning what your heart is asking for, what your body is needing, and how your mind can help.

  • You are willing to practice the mindset and skills you need to show up for yourself, your relationships, and your community with authenticity and integrity.

  • You are ready to transform your beliefs and behaviors from limiting to liberating.



Interested in getting support as a couple, housemates, co-workers, group, or community?


Using Nonviolent Communication, embodiment, and role play, I'll support you in attuning to your experience, identifying your feelings and needs, discerning what strategies and requests would best serve you and your relationship, and developing a plan to get you there.


Using Inner Relationship Focusing (similar to Internal Family Systems) and experiential, expressive approaches like guided visualization, art, sand tray, and role play, I'll support you in cultivating a compassionate self-witness that can accompany and transform every part of you.



My results with Teri were pretty dramatic, to say the least. I went to her in pretty rough shape; frayed at the seams from years in a deep, crippling despair. Within 2 sessions I was feeling immense relief, something years of trying other methods failed to achieve.


Now it has been about 7 months of sessions and an empathy workshop with Teri, and I have grown immensely with the self-confidence to start practicing what she has taught me at work and with my family. Perhaps I am an extreme case of efficacy, but it should be understood that Teri is very good at what she does and if you think her approach might work for you, it probably will.

— Christopher

A few weeks ago, my life situation caused me to experience a storm of intense emotions such as sadness, grief, fear, anxiety, anger and shame. The triggers were in the present, the roots were in the past, and the intensity was such that I was physically unwell and unable to work and deal with simple daily tasks. As I was reaching out for help around me, a dear friend suggested that I contact Teri for support. 


I am so grateful to this friend as after only two sessions with Teri, I can already say with confidence that this therapy has been one of the best gifts in my life. Our two sessions have unfolded very organically and not only was Teri a deep and compassionate listener, she was also able to lead me into very healing practices and teach me how to use these practices in my daily life to anchor back into my full Self and truly hold and listen to the parts of me that are in pain. 


I went into these sessions thinking that having a somewhat neutral and trained person to listen to me would help me reflect and make sense of what I was going through, but this therapy turned out to be so much more than that. 


I am amazed by how much healing I have experienced in the last two weeks and I feel empowered with new tools to support myself for the rest of my journey through life. Especially since we have been doing these sessions online as I am not living in the US at the moment and I am so happy that I dismissed my resistance to doing online therapy, it is totally worth it! 


I highly recommend Teri to anyone who is struggling with their emotions and who wants to learn practices that will enable them to feel supported in their self-healing journey.

— Paul

Y'all. I cannot say enough good things about working with Teri. Most importantly, I consistently look forward to therapy, which was not something I'd ever considered as even a possibility.


Second, expressive therapy has worked really well for me AND I've started to be able to apply our work outside of our sessions, which is also something I've struggled with in previous types of therapy.


Teri is an incredible listener/observer and takes action on what she notices. She approaches the exploration of hard stuff with patience, and is willing to pull back and try different angles if I start to feel overwhelmed. She's super passionate about what she does and wonderfully open in the way she engages the world.


No matter if I'm doing great or having a rough time, I feel completely welcomed and cared for. I highly recommend this practice. 

— Leah

I have struggled with a lifetime of self doubt and explosive anger. I practiced a lot of self punishment for the ways that I hurt people and pushed them away. This left me, more than not, feeling lonely and isolated.

I have seen a couple of therapists. I have pursued an interest in psychology and spiritual thought. Talk therapy wasn’t really making an impact on my day to day life or my ability to connect with people. Similarly, psychology and spirituality were excellent mind exercises but lacked a practical application.

Teri’s approach is something totally different. She combines the ability to relate and empathize with practical skills to move through day to day life. I have a greater capacity to love the people in my life. To step back in difficult moments and speak from a place that is true to myself. I have far less moments to regret. I feel more connected to my friends and family. My life has been totally transformed. The voice of judgment is still there but it's not in control anymore.

If you have fear or judgment about yourself, or what others might think of you, Teri is the person who will help dissolve that. She has a capacity for compassion I have not seen anywhere else.

— Amelia


For the record, Teri is not a licensed mental health clinician, and her services are not a substitute for medical care.  Learn more about her credentials and scope of practice here.

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